Bit of a Life Update!

Hi guys, I’m really sorry I haven’t been posting, but the transition into high school has been hard and there’s exams and bullies and everything else under the sun. I  suppose I’ve grown up a bit since my last posts in August, as it is now January. Life has been pretty good, my birthday is next month and I’m progressing with my hockey at school which is great in my opinion! Representing my school in sports feels amazing, especially when we beat someone 6-0!!

But, I’ve been having some issues deciding whether some people are real or fake friends. The thing is, they’re nice when it’s just them and I, but when they hang around with the mean, somehow popular girls, they’re like completely different people. I don’t really know what I’ve done for them to act like this, I’m just being myself (which as you know is slightly weird…), but they don’t usually mind when they’re not with the popular girls.

Any advice? Also, thank you so much for the support I’ve received, I really appreciate it! How’s your life been going? Tell me in the comments :))


Lucy ❤


2 thoughts on “Bit of a Life Update!

  1. =^~^= well done on the match! I’m sorry for drawing depressing things! I will stop! I’m sorry if I act clingy or annoying or weird, i don’t really know how to finish this comment. So I guess I will end it like this, bye.


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