Things that have ruined my life

Ok, I know this may sound depressing, but it’s not, I promise!!

#1. Anime… ok so basically there’s the pictures of adorable animals/characters or the really hot ones I  can’t get enough of and the tv shows. Now, at least 3 times every day I will google something like ‘cute anime characters’ or ‘hot male anime characters’ or ‘adorable anime creatures/animals’. Who doesn’t love cute things or hot boys or animals?? Ok, I have a problem.

Now, onto the tv shows. 2 words – Steins;Gate. It’s the best anime, and even though it’s sort of gross, it’s amazing and you should watch it. I actually watched 5 episodes in 1 day so yeah… I’m obsessed!!

#2. Music. I have over 150 songs on my Spotify playlist and nearly 100 on my iTunes.. My music taste is strange. It varies from Melanie Martinez to Lady Gaga to P!ATD etc.. Even if it’s like a 5 minute car journey, I will have my earplugs in, listen to music. So, yeah, not a very social person!

#3. Dan Howell. I’ve watched literally every Danisnotonfire video that exists. I have their book, my Amazon has a Phan schoolbag, clothes etc on it. I have his and Phil’s book, I read Dan Howell x Reader fanfics on Wattpad, and I actually have dreams about him. Please don’t put me in rehab. Please.

#4. My phone. I will panic if I don’t have my phone with me when I’m out. What if I get hurt and nobody notices and I’m not able to call my mum?? Or if my debit card gets stolen and I need to call the police? Or what if my senpai texts me and I’m not there to answer straight away so he gets put off?!

So, yeah.. Sorry if this made you depressed or anything!

In apology, here’s an awesome nightcore mashup! (not made by me)




Thanks for reading, bye!


10 thoughts on “Things that have ruined my life

  1. Have I like this idea would you mind if I did my own version of it on my blog? I have a similar problem with a show called sailor moon there are 40 episodes in total and I have got thru 10 in a day they are each 21 mins long I seriously have a problem!!!


  2. Hey Lucy, Ive come across your YouTube channel as well as your blog, at least I think your the same person, I just wanted to say you seem to be a really awesome person! Also someome else who has an obsession with Nightcore, that mix-up was AWESOME!! Sorry I’m a bit excitable, like you said don’t put me in rehab! 😀 thanks for being inspirational, it’s interesting how awesome some of these small sites are, I think I’ve said awesome way too many times :p bye!


    1. Aw, thank you so much!! I’m glad you like my blog and possibly my channel. (If the profile picture is a girl pulling a weird face, then yes that is me!). I’m happy to find another nightcore enthusiast as basically all I listen to is nightcore! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment all these nice things!
      -Lucy ^-^


      1. Your welcome! Hope you keep up stuff you love, I hope your friends stay close with you and you keep doing well at hockey! I feel like I’m just sounding cheesy by this point so I will go, but just know there are people who think your awesome!


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