Hello ^-^

Hello people who are actually reading this. I’m Lucy, a socially awkward music lover who’s decided to write a blog. I’m obsessed with P!ATD (or Panic! At The Disco) and Melanie Martinez . If you haven’t heard of them, I’m ashamed of you. My favourite songs happen to be – Miss Jackson, Victorious,  Alphabet Boy and Crybaby. I love you if you’ve listened to these.

I also enjoy art and sport. Name one sport, and I’ll probably have played it. Gymnastics, hockey and badminton are the sports I’m best at. I’ve only started to play badminton recently, I’ve played hockey for nearly 4 years and I’ve done gymnastics for a bit more than a year. There’ll be more on sports in my other posts.

Another thing you should know about me is that I will usually refer to anime in a sentence. I love anime, as do some of my friends. Steins;Gate is my favourite. If you have Netflix, you can watch it. I’ve nearly finished it, but unfortunately my best friend Sophie accidentally spoiled some it for me, but I’m not angry… Anymore 😀

Thank you for wasting your precious time reading my first blog, I hope you stick around and waste some more by reading my future posts!


Lucy ❤


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